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Internet Explorer, 11 IP Addresses | Records 601 to 650

ID IP Address ISP Organization Country State City Timezone Operating System Bot/spider
601 Radius Ltd. Radius Ltd. United States California San Jose America/Los_Angeles Windows, 7 No
602 Turk Telekom MEB Fatih Projesi Turkey Ankara Ankara Europe/Istanbul Windows, 10.0 No
603 My Tech BZ ezchosting United States Wisconsin - - - America/Chicago Windows, 7 No
604 Vodafone Portugal Vodafone Portugal Portugal Porto Vila Nova de Gaia Europe/Lisbon Windows, 7 No
605 CentriLogic CentriLogic United States New York Rochester America/New_York Windows, 8.1 No
606 China Unicom Guangdong province China Unicom Guangdong province China Guangdong Dongguan Asia/Shanghai Windows, 7 No
607 NLS Kazakhstan LLC NLS Kazakhstan LLC Kazakhstan Almaty Qalasy Almaty Asia/Almaty Windows, 10.0 No
608 PTCL PTCL Pakistan Punjab Lahore Asia/Karachi Windows, 10.0 No
609 China Telecom JIANGXI China Telecom JIANGXI China Jiangxi Nanchang Asia/Shanghai Windows, 10.0 No
610 CenturyLink CenturyLink United States Alabama Foley America/Chicago Windows, 7 No
611 Internet Initiative Japan Internet Initiative Japan Japan Tokyo Tokyo Asia/Tokyo Windows, 7 No
612 2607:fea8:879f:e8cb:40ba:ae9a:bd6e:972c Rogers Cable Rogers Cable Canada Ontario Toronto America/Toronto Windows, 8 No
613 Inter Connects Inc Inter Connects Inc Sweden - - - - - - Europe/Stockholm Windows, 7 No
614 Orange Espana Jazz Telecom S.A. Spain Andalusia Málaga Europe/Madrid Windows, 8.1 No
615 2602:306:37c5:89f0:fdab:f6f0:7275:337c AT&T U-verse AT&T U-verse United States Alabama Madison America/Chicago Windows, 8.1 No
616 Beeline Home Beeline Home Russian Federation Moscow Moscow Europe/Moscow Windows, 7 No
617 2a00:23c4:50a4:cc00:f846:60f2:d2c2:8dda BT BT United Kingdom England Yeovil Europe/London Windows, 7 No
618 C Spire Fiber C Spire Fiber United States Alabama Mobile America/Chicago Windows, 10.0 No
619 CenturyLink CenturyLink United States Washington Spokane America/Los_Angeles Windows, 8.1 No
620 Get AS Customers Greaker Norway Østfold Sarpsborg Europe/Oslo Windows, 7 No
621 Get AS Customers Greaker Norway Østfold Sarpsborg Europe/Oslo Windows, 7 No
622 Zito Media, L.P. Zito Media, L.P. United States Pennsylvania Saint Marys America/New_York Windows, 10.0 No
623 Rostelecom PJSC Rostelecom Macroregional Branch South Russian Federation Rostov Rostov-on-don Europe/Moscow Windows, 7 No
624 Gouvernement du Quebec (Government of Quebec) Gouvernement du Quebec (Government of Quebec) Canada Quebec Quebec America/Toronto Windows, 8.1 No
625 Verizon Business Verizon Business United States Virginia Petersburg America/New_York Windows, 7 No
626 Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom AG Germany - - - - - - - - - Windows, 7 No
627 NET Virtua NET Virtua Brazil Sao Paulo Santo André America/Sao_Paulo Windows, 10.0 No
628 Frontier Communications Frontier Communications United States Florida Lakeland America/New_York Windows, 10.0 No
629 Hathway Hathway India Gujarat Jalalpur Asia/Kolkata Windows, 7 No
630 Consolidated Communications Consolidated Communications United States Pennsylvania Saxonburg America/New_York Windows, 10.0 No
631 Turk Telekom Turk Telekom Turkey Ankara Ankara Europe/Istanbul Windows, 8.1 No
632 TATA Communications TATA Communications India Maharashtra Mumbai Asia/Kolkata Windows, 7 No
633 Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing Company Ltd. AtrtinNetwork Kerman Area Nakhl Iran Kerman Kerman Asia/Tehran Windows, 7 No
634 Tellcom Iletisim Hizmetleri A.s. Tellcom KARTAL ADSL Fiber Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Europe/Istanbul Windows, 10.0 No
635 Viettel Corporation Viettel Corporation Viet Nam Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh Windows, 7 No
636 Rostelecom OJSC Sibirtelecom Russian Federation Altai Krai Altayskoye Pacific/Pago_Pago Windows, 7 No
637 Solutions Sans Fil WiMe Solutions Sans Fil WiMe Canada Quebec Drummondville America/Toronto Windows, 10.0 No
638 Verizon Business Verizon Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong - - - Central District Asia/Hong_Kong Windows, 7 No
639 Comcast Cable Comcast Cable United States Illinois Chicago America/Chicago Windows, 8.1 No
640 Banda Ancha Gtd Manquehue Banda Ancha Gtd Manquehue Chile Santiago Metropolitan Santiago America/Santiago Windows, 10.0 No
641 Cox Communications Cox Communications United States California Santa Barbara America/Los_Angeles Windows, 10.0 No
642 Spectrum Spectrum United States Wisconsin Watertown America/Chicago Windows, 10.0 No
643 TDS Telecom TDS Telecom United States Georgia Morganton America/New_York Windows, 7 No
644 CenturyLink CenturyLink United States Ohio Amherst America/New_York Windows, 10.0 No
645 2602:301:7776:340:3b:1d0:6786:ba77 AT&T U-verse AT&T U-verse United States Missouri St Louis America/Chicago Windows, 10.0 No
646 AT&T U-verse AT&T U-verse United States Illinois Palatine America/Chicago Windows, 7 No
647 2a00:23c4:50a4:cc00:995a:5c64:2a0f:5022 BT BT United Kingdom England Yeovil Europe/London Windows, 7 No
648 Ritter Communications Data Technology United States Arkansas Harrisburg America/Chicago Windows, 7 No
649 Magyar Telekom Magyar Telekom Hungary Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Ozd Europe/Budapest Windows, 7 No
650 OU Web Hosting Solutions OU Web Hosting Solutions Estonia - - - - - - Europe/Tallinn Windows, 8 No
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