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Internet Explorer, 11 IP Addresses | Records 801 to 850

ID IP Address ISP Organization Country State City Timezone Operating System Bot/spider
801 NET Virtua NET Virtua Brazil Rio de Janeiro Rio De Janeiro America/Sao_Paulo Windows, 10.0 No
802 M247 Ltd M247 Ltd Germany Land Berlin Berlin Europe/Berlin Windows, 10.0 No
803 M247 Ltd M247 LTD Frankfurt Infrastructure Germany Hesse Frankfurt Am Main Europe/Berlin Windows, 10.0 No
804 Telecom Italia Telecom Italia Italy Veneto Castelfranco Veneto Europe/Rome Windows, 10.0 No
805 WideOpenWest WideOpenWest United States Michigan Clinton Township America/Detroit Windows, 10.0 No
806 One Macedonia One Macedonia F.Y.R.O.M. (Macedonia) Opstina Karpos Skopje Europe/Skopje Windows, 7 No
807 Telia Latvija SIA Telia Latvija SIA Latvia Riga Riga Europe/Riga Windows, 8.1 No
808 Vodafone Spain Vodafone Spain Spain Madrid Pinto Europe/Madrid Windows, 8.1 No
809 2601:681:5000:785:691e:a4de:a215:1617 Comcast Cable Comcast Cable United States Utah Salt Lake City America/Denver Windows, 10.0 No
810 Rostelecom Rostelecom Russian Federation Kurganskaya Oblast' Kurgan Asia/Yekaterinburg Windows, 10.0 No
811 Bell Canada Bell Canada Canada Ontario Chatham America/Toronto Windows, 8.1 No
812 BSNL BSNL India Karnataka Bellary Asia/Kolkata Windows, 10.0 No
813 Hathway Hathway India Maharashtra Pune Asia/Kolkata Windows, 7 No
814 Rostelecom OJSC Rostelecom, Tambov branch Russian Federation Tambovskaya Oblast' Tambov Europe/Moscow Windows, 7 No
815 Yota Yota Russian Federation Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Asia/Vladivostok Windows, 7 No
816 CenturyLink CenturyLink United States Colorado Denver America/Denver Windows, 8.1 No
817 OmanMobile Telecommunication company LLC OmanMobile Telecommunication company LLC Oman - - - - - - Pacific/Pago_Pago Windows, 8.1 No
818 AT&T U-verse AT&T U-verse United States California Ojai America/Los_Angeles Windows, 10.0 No
819 Telus Communications Telus Communications Canada Alberta Peace River America/Edmonton Windows, 8.1 No
820 Internet Initiative Japan Internet Initiative Japan Japan Tokyo Tokyo Asia/Tokyo Windows, 7 No
821 Verizon FiOS Verizon FiOS United States Pennsylvania Philadelphia America/New_York Windows, 8.1 No
822 AT&T Services American Specialty Health Plans of CA United States California San Diego America/Los_Angeles Windows, 7 No
823 Comcast Business Comcast Business United States Virginia Glen Allen America/New_York Windows, 7 No
824 Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable United States Kentucky Lexington America/New_York Windows, 7 No
825 China Telecom Guangdong China Telecom Guangdong China Guangdong Shenzhen Asia/Shanghai Windows, 10.0 No
826 DataCamp s.r.o. DataCamp s.r.o. Spain Madrid Madrid Europe/Madrid Windows, 7 No
827 Optimum Online Optimum Online United States New Jersey Keyport America/New_York Windows, 7 No
828 Spectrum Spectrum United States North Carolina Sanford America/New_York Windows, 10.0 No
829 Beltelecom BELTELECOM Belarus Minsk City Minsk Europe/Minsk Windows, 7 No
830 Jamii Telecommunications Limited Jamii Telecommunications Limited Kenya Nairobi Province Nairobi Africa/Nairobi Windows, 8.1 No
831 2602:30a:2ee7:24e0:6c81:3d8a:3ac6:6608 AT&T U-verse AT&T U-verse United States Missouri St Louis America/Chicago Windows, 10.0 No
832 True Internet True Internet Thailand Bangkok Bangkok Asia/Bangkok Windows, 8.1 No
833 Telekom Srbija Telekom Srbija Serbia - - - Belgrade Europe/Belgrade Windows, 7 No
834 Orange Romania Orange Romania Romania Bucuresti Bucharest Europe/Bucharest Windows, 7 No
835 Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom AG Germany Hesse Frankfurt Am Main Europe/Berlin Windows, 10.0 No
836 Inter Connects Inc Inter Connects Inc Sweden - - - - - - Europe/Stockholm Windows, 10.0 No
837 Beam Telecom Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Broadband India Karnataka Bengaluru Asia/Kolkata Windows, 8.1 No
838 Smart Broadband Smart Broadband Philippines Cordillera Tabuk Asia/Manila Windows, 8.1 No
839 Pakistan Telecommuication company limited PTCL Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Asia/Karachi Windows, 7 No
840 Satendra Networks Excitel Broadband Private Limited India National Capital Territory of Delhi Delhi Asia/Kolkata Windows, 7 No
841 Internet Solutions Internet Solutions South Africa Western Cape Cape Town Africa/Johannesburg Windows, 7 No
842 PT Excelcomindo Pratama PT Excelcomindo Pratama Indonesia - - - - - - - - - Windows, 7 No
843 Cable Bahamas Cable Bahamas Bahamas New Providence District Nassau America/Nassau Windows, 7 No
844 Hardwork Cable and Internet Services Pvt Hardwork Cable and Internet Services Pvt India Chandigarh Chandigarh Asia/Kolkata Windows, 10.0 No
845 United States Ohio Columbus America/New_York Windows, 8.1 Yes
846 Windstream Communications Windstream Communications United States Georgia Dahlonega America/New_York Windows, 10.0 No
847 FPT Telecom Company FPT Telecom Company Viet Nam Thanh Pho Ha Noi Hanoi Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh Windows, 7 No
848 CANTV CANTV Venezuela Miranda San Fernando America/Caracas Windows, 7 No
849 2607:fea8:9c60:cee:b1b7:ec45:6e86:95f9 Rogers Cable Rogers Cable Canada Ontario Keswick America/Toronto Windows, 10.0 No
850 AT&T Wireless AT&T Wireless United States New York The Bronx America/New_York Windows, 8.1 No
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