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Safari, 4.0.5 IP Addresses | Records 1 to 50

ID IP Address ISP Organization Country State City Timezone Operating System Bot/spider
1 Orange Orange France Ile-de-France Fontenay-le-Fleury Europe/Paris iOS, 10.0.2 No
2 Disenadores Informaticos Y Tecnologicos, S.l. Disenadores Informaticos Y Tecnologicos, S.l. Spain Andalusia Alcala la Real Europe/Madrid iOS, 10.3.3 No
3 2a00:11c0:8:495:43f1:a1:0:1f31 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH United Kingdom England London Europe/London iOS, 11.2 No
4 2a02:2698:9023:f93e:70a5:cdcb:7893:cba7 JSC ER-Telecom Holding JSC ER-Telecom Holding Russian Federation Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Asia/Yekaterinburg iOS, 11.2.1 No
5 Globe Telecom Globe Telecom Philippines Central Visayas Lahug Asia/Manila iOS, 11.1.2 No
6 AllTele Broadband AllTele Broadband Sweden Vastra Gotaland Gothenburg Europe/Stockholm iOS, 11.2.1 No
7 AT&T Internet Services AT&T Internet Services United States Louisiana Shreveport America/Chicago iOS, 11.2.1 No
8 Rostelecom Rostelecom Russian Federation Moscow Moscow Europe/Moscow iOS, 11.1.2 No
9 PJSC MegaFon PJSC MegaFon Russian Federation Moscow Moscow Europe/Moscow iOS, 11.2.1 No
10 Maxis Communications Maxis Communications Malaysia Selangor Petaling Jaya Asia/Kuala_Lumpur iOS, 11.1.2 No
11 Opticom Group CJSC Opticom Group CJSC Russian Federation Moscow Oblast Mytishchi Europe/Moscow iOS, 11.2.1 No
12 Bharti Airtel BHARTI Airtel India Gujarat Ahmedabad Asia/Kolkata iOS, 7.1.2 No
13 Claro Dominican Republic Claro Dominican Republic Dominican Republic - - - - - - America/Santo_Domingo iOS, 11.2.1 No
14 Telekom Brunei Berhad Telekom Brunei Berhad - - - Brunei and Muara District Bandar Seri Begawan Asia/Brunei iOS, 11.2.1 No
15 2602:306:3792:1290:6d18:84ac:685d:1a5 AT&T U-verse AT&T U-verse United States Mississippi Mendenhall America/Chicago iOS, 11.1.2 No
16 Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom AG Germany Bavaria Rosenheim Europe/Berlin iOS, 9.1 No
17 2606:a000:6805:b000:e1e5:c984:4930:97dd Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable United States North Carolina Concord America/New_York iOS, 11.2.1 No
18 AT&T Wireless AT&T Wireless United States Texas - - - America/Chicago iOS, 11.1.1 No
19 Verizon Internet Services Verizon Internet Services United States New Jersey Harrison America/New_York iOS, 11.1.2 No
20 2600:8801:a005:89f0:d963:dd6b:30fc:e99b Cox Communications Cox Communications United States California Chula Vista America/Los_Angeles iOS, 11.1.2 No
21 Digital Ocean Digital Ocean United States New York New York America/New_York iOS, 11.2.1 No
22 Comcast Cable Comcast Cable United States Georgia Marietta America/New_York iOS, 11.1.2 No
23 Telmex Telmex Mexico Mexico City Mexico City America/Mexico_City iOS, 11.2.1 No
24 MaxxSouth Broadband BCI Mississippi Broadband LLC United States Mississippi Philadelphia America/Chicago iOS, 10.1.1 No
25 2003:c2:c3c1:eb23:3a:9c7a:b36d:dade Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom AG Germany Bavaria Lauf an der Pegnitz Europe/Berlin iOS, 11.2 No
26 2600:100c:b20d:cfd4:4472:6e03:daa6:aa57 Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless United States Texas Dallas America/Chicago iOS, 11.2.1 No
27 2001:4d80:0:61:909:239:0:292 T-Mobile Czech Republic T-Mobile Czech Republic Romania Bucuresti Bucharest Europe/Bucharest iOS, 11.2 No
28 Telefonica de Espana Telefonica de Espana Spain Catalonia Barcelona Europe/Madrid iOS, 11.2.1 No
29 Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom AG Germany Baden-Württemberg Region Hechingen Europe/Berlin iOS, 11.2.1 No
30 Suddenlink Communications Suddenlink Communications United States Texas San Angelo America/Chicago iOS, 11.1.2 No
31 Philippine Long Distance Telephone Philippine Long Distance Telephone Philippines National Capital Region Mandaluyong City Asia/Manila iOS, 9.3.5 No
32 Optimum Online Optimum Online United States New York Howard Beach America/New_York iOS, 11.2 No
33 Office National des Postes et Telecommunications O MarocTelecomASDL Morocco Marrakesh-Safi Youssoufia Africa/Casablanca iOS, 8.4.1 No
34 RCS & RDS RCS & RDS Residential Romania Judetul Buzau Buzău Europe/Bucharest iOS, 11.1.2 No
35 NET Virtua NET Virtua Brazil Sao Paulo Guarulhos America/Sao_Paulo iOS, 11.1.2 No
36 2600:100e:b12b:ca88:4db:dcb9:2df4:522e Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless United States Utah Salt Lake City America/Denver iOS, 11.0.3 No
37 Orange Orange Guadeloupe - - - Les Abymes America/Guadeloupe iOS, 9.3.5 No
38 CJSC Rosintel JSC Rosintel Russian Federation Tul'skaya Oblast' Novomoskovsk Europe/Moscow iOS, 5.1 No
39 Joint Stock Company MTU Kristall Joint Stock Company MTU Kristall Russian Federation Bashkortostan Ufa Asia/Yekaterinburg iOS, 11.2.1 No
40 Telefonica de Espana Telefonica de Espana Spain Madrid Coslada Europe/Madrid iOS, 11.2.1 No
41 2a02:c7f:1e5a:fb00:b032:1212:6581:8b34 Sky Broadband Sky Broadband United Kingdom England Peterborough Europe/London iOS, 11.1.2 No
42 Telekom Austria Telekom Austria Austria Upper Austria Vocklabruck Europe/Vienna iOS, 11.2 No
43 China Telecom Guangdong China Telecom Guangdong China Guangdong Guangzhou Asia/Shanghai iOS, 9.3.2 No
44 Spectrum Spectrum United States Louisiana Slidell America/Chicago iOS, 11.2.1 No
45 NET Virtua NET Virtua Brazil Rio de Janeiro Rio De Janeiro America/Sao_Paulo iOS, 11.2 No
46 2001:1c00:1007:d700:a58d:5f28:3313:38f9 Ziggo Ziggo Netherlands South Holland The Hague Europe/Amsterdam iOS, 11.2 No
47 TE Data TE Data Egypt Cairo Governorate Cairo Africa/Cairo iOS, 10.3.3 No
48 2600:8805:9980:40b0:3407:ba28:1a72:36ea Cox Communications Cox Communications United States Rhode Island Bristol America/New_York iOS, 11.2.1 No
49 Philippine Long Distance Telephone Philippine Long Distance Telephone Philippines Central Luzon Meycauayan Asia/Manila iOS, 10.0.2 No
50 VTR Banda Ancha S.A. VTR Banda Ancha S.A. Chile Santiago Metropolitan Santiago America/Santiago iOS, 11.2 No
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