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ID IP Address ISP Organization Country State City Timezone Operating System Bot/spider
1 LLC Global-City-Net LLC Global-City-Net Ukraine - - - - - - - - - Windows, 7 No
2 LanCom Ltd. Lancom Ltd, Russia, Sevastopol Ukraine Gorod Sevastopol Sevastopol Europe/Simferopol Windows, 10.0 No
3 Polunin Eduard Evgenyevich Polunin Eduard Evgenyevich Ukraine Luhans'ka Oblast' Antratsit Europe/Zaporozhye Windows, 7 No
4 TeNeT Scientific Production Enterprise LLC TeNeT Networking Centre Ukraine Odessa Odesa Europe/Kiev Windows, 7 No
5 TVCOM Ltd. TVCOM Ltd. Ukraine Donets'ka Oblast' Mariupol Europe/Kiev Windows, 7 No
6 Inmart-Internet LTD Inmart-Internet LTD Ukraine Donets'ka Oblast' Horlivka Europe/Kiev Windows, 7 No
7 Kichkas Network Ltd. Kichkas.NET Ukraine Zaporizhia Zaporizhia Europe/Zaporozhye Windows, 10.0 No
8 Fesenko Igor Mikolayovich Fesenko Igor Mikolayovich Ukraine Kharkivs'ka Oblast' Kharkiv Europe/Kiev Windows, 10.0 No
9 LLC Optima-East LLC Optima-East Ukraine Luhans'ka Oblast' Krasnodon Europe/Zaporozhye Windows, 7 No
10 PJSC Ukrtelecom PJSC Ukrtelecom Ukraine Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast' Khmelnytskyi Europe/Kiev Windows, 7 No
11 X-City Ltd. X-city Pervomaisk Ukraine Mykolayivs'ka Oblast' Mykolayiv Europe/Kiev Windows, 7 No
12 TeNeT Scientific Production Enterprise LLC TeNeT Scientific Production Enterprise LLC Ukraine Odessa Odesa Europe/Kiev Windows, 7 No
13 PJSC Ukrtelecom PJSC Ukrtelecom Ukraine L'vivs'ka Oblast' Lviv Europe/Kiev Windows, 7 No
14 NetArt Group s.r.o. MNT-SHUPASHKARTRANS Russian Federation Chuvashia Cheboksary Europe/Moscow Windows, 7 No
15 PJSC Ukrtelecom PJSC Ukrtelecom Ukraine Transcarpathia Uzhhorod Pacific/Pago_Pago Windows, 7 No
16 Eurotranstelecom Ltd Eurotranstelecom Ltd Ukraine Volyns'ka Oblast' Lutsk Europe/Kiev Windows, 7 No
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