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Windows, 10.0 IP Addresses | Records 1 to 50

ID IP Address ISP Organization Country State City Timezone Browser Bot/spider
1 UPC Polska UPC Polska Poland Lublin Lublin Europe/Warsaw Chrome 69.0.3497.100 No
2 Massillon Cable Massillon Cable United States Ohio Massillon America/New_York Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
3 WideOpenWest WideOpenWest United States Michigan Warren America/Detroit Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
4 M247 Europe SRL M247 LTD Paris Infrastructure France Ile-de-France Paris Europe/Paris Mozilla Firefox 62.0 No
5 Grande Communications Grande Communications United States Texas Austin America/Chicago Chrome 69.0.3497.100 No
6 Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable United States Texas San Antonio America/Chicago Edge 15.15063 No
7 MERLIN MERLIN Canada Manitoba Winnipeg America/Winnipeg Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
8 2800:200:f008:246:b53a:f4d4:a843:849d Claro Peru Claro Peru Peru - - - - - - America/Lima Chrome 69.0.3497.100 No
9 Spectranet Spectranet Nigeria Lagos Lagos Africa/Lagos Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
10 Comcast Cable XFINITY WiFi United States Oregon Portland America/Los_Angeles Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
11 REGIONSVIAZ NetArt Group s.r.o. Russian Federation Tverskaya Oblast' Tver Europe/Moscow Mozilla Firefox 60.0 No
12 O2 Deutschland O2 Deutschland Germany Land Berlin Berlin Europe/Berlin Chrome 69.0.3497.100 No
13 PR-TELECOM Rt. Prtelecom Cp Hungary Komarom-Esztergom - - - Europe/Budapest Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
14 Bell Canada Bell Canada Canada Quebec Quebec America/Toronto Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
15 Micfo, LLC. Micfo, LLC. United States South Carolina Charleston America/New_York Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
16 Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom AG Germany Hesse Bad Koenig Europe/Berlin Mozilla Firefox 62.0 No
17 2a02:2149:8668:d700:e106:7dff:f604:8fa7 FORTHnet SA FORTHnet SA Greece Attica Athens Europe/Athens Mozilla Firefox 62.0 No
18 Spectrum Spectrum United States Michigan Mount Pleasant America/Detroit Internet Explorer 11 No
19 Ziggo UPC NL Netherlands North Holland Amsterdam Europe/Amsterdam Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
20 Cogent Communications Cogent Communications United States Illinois Chicago America/Chicago Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
21 2601:205:4201:bad:cd86:d381:77d4:35e2 Comcast Cable Comcast Cable United States California Stockton America/Los_Angeles Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
22 Vodafone Spain Vodafone Spain Spain Catalonia Barcelona Europe/Madrid Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
23 Telia Company TeliaSonera AB Sweden Skåne Limhamn Europe/Stockholm Chrome 61.0.3163.100 No
24 World Phone Internet Services Pvt Ltd Interdomain Routing India National Capital Territory of Delhi Delhi Asia/Kolkata Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
25 Telstra Internet Telstra Internet Australia Western Australia Padbury Australia/Perth Edge 17.17134 No
26 2600:6c44:7001:100:4119:53ab:a66d:2ae3 Spectrum Spectrum United States Wisconsin Eau Claire America/Chicago Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
27 China Telecom Jiangsu China Telecom Jiangsu China Jiangsu Nanjing Asia/Shanghai Chrome 51.0.2704.106 No
28 China Telecom Jiangsu China Telecom Jiangsu China Jiangsu Changzhou Asia/Shanghai Chrome 51.0.2704.106 No
29 Comcast Business Comcast Business United States Minnesota Saint Paul America/Chicago Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
30 Eweka Internet Services B.V. Mudhook Marketing United States - - - - - - - - - Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
31 2604:2000:51c1:2000:71a4:b076:3357:53e3 Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable United States New York Staten Island America/New_York Mozilla Firefox 62.0 No
32 2607:fcc8:f2d4:9300:88d4:68a:6020:2c02 Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable United States Ohio Columbus America/New_York Mozilla Firefox 62.0 No
33 ViaSat Viasat Communications United States Michigan Coleman America/Detroit Chrome 69.0.3497.92 No
34 Telfort B.V. Telfort B.V. Netherlands South Holland Dordrecht Europe/Amsterdam Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
35 Spectrum Spectrum United States Georgia Mcdonough America/New_York Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
36 2606:a000:6cca:3a00:2965:6328:e537:74a4 Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable United States North Carolina Rockwell America/New_York Mozilla Firefox 62.0 No
37 EZECOM EZECOM Co. Ltd. Cambodia Phnom Penh Phnom Penh Asia/Phnom_Penh Chrome 56.0.2924.92 No
38 Globe Telecom Globe Telecom Philippines - - - - - - Asia/Manila Chrome 51.0.2704.106 No
39 China Unicom Liaoning China Unicom Liaoning China Hubei Wuhan Asia/Shanghai Chrome 51.0.2704.106 No
40 Telecom Italia Telecom Italia Italy Lombardy Botticino Europe/Rome Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
41 Brisanet Servicos De Telecomunicacoes Ltda Brisanet Servicos De Telecomunicacoes Ltda Brazil Ceara Ico America/Fortaleza Chrome 69.0.3497.100 No
42 FiberLink Ltd. Fiberlink Pvt.Ltd Pakistan Sindh Karachi Asia/Karachi Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
43 China Telecom Jiangsu China Telecom Jiangsu China Jiangsu Nanjing Asia/Shanghai Chrome 51.0.2704.106 No
44 Superloop Superloop Australia Victoria Carlton Australia/Melbourne Chrome 69.0.3497.92 No
45 Fondazione Bruno Kessler Fondazione Bruno Kessler Italy Trentino-Alto Adige Trento Europe/Rome Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
46 Comcast Business Comcast Business United States Connecticut Middletown America/New_York Edge 17.17134 No
47 Plugnet Online Plugnet Online Brazil Ceara Juazeiro Do Norte America/Fortaleza Chrome 69.0.3497.100 No
48 SaudiNet SaudiNet Saudi Arabia Ar Riyad Riyadh Asia/Riyadh Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
49 OOREDOO OOREDOO Qatar Baladiyat Umm Salal Umm Salal Muhammad Asia/Qatar Edge 17.17134 No
50 MEO Meo Portugal Lisbon Lisbon Europe/Lisbon Chrome 68.0.3440.106 No
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