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Rogers Wireless
Rogers Wireless
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No valid WHOIS data was available at the time of the initial request.
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No valid reverse DNS record has been found at this time.
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0 seconds ago on October 23, 2019, 9:25 pm GMT Time
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in 1 day on October 23, 2019, 9:25 pm GMT Time
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The hardware IP tracking statistics is software attained respectively for 2605:8d80:562:d042:48bf:89d2:cc82:ffce. This host has the hardware Internet Protocol Address 2605:8d80:562:d042:48bf:89d2:cc82:ffce.

The Internet Protocol Address adheres to valid specifications of an IPv6 IP (Internet protocol) with an uncompressed value of 2605:8d80:0562:d042:48bf:89d2:cc82:ffce. This IP (hardware Internet protocol) is assigned to an Internet Protocol Address amplitude of .


An organization that acquired 2605:8d80:562:d042:48bf:89d2:cc82:ffce is Rogers Wireless. An Internet Service Provider (also known as ISP) that hosts the network hardware chain to maintain the query identity is Rogers Wireless.

IP address

The data for the tracing evidence confirms that the connection to this host has an assigned physical address in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The timezone of the location of this host is America/Toronto.

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Recent [15] IPv6 addresses trace results as of October 23, 2019, 9:01 pm [GMT]. Next update in 6 min, 25 sec

ID IP Address Organization / ISP Country State City Timezone Browser Operating System Bot/spider
1 2804:d59:1c82:4d00:bc06:e399:59d1:c842 Oi Internet Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Campo Grande America/Campo_Grande Chrome 77.0.3865.116 Android, 7.0 No
2 2402:3a80:69b:85b8:64d6:5eba:8af:6af3 Vodafone India India Maharashtra Mumbai Asia/Kolkata Chrome 77.0.3865.92 Android, 9 No
3 2a00:ee2:4b13:4900:14bf:f117:5799:7e24 Telekom Slovenije, d.d. Slovenia Mestna Obcina Novo mesto Novo Mesto Europe/Ljubljana Chrome 49.0.2623.75 Linux, x86 No
4 2a00:4802:a8f:8d00:59f:d72e:121b:7166 A1 Bulgaria Bulgaria Plovdiv Plovdiv Europe/Sofia Chrome 77.0.3865.116 Android, 9 No
5 2405:205:242a:9a24:6c7f:d57e:fb1:c489 Jio India National Capital Territory of Delhi New Delhi Asia/Kolkata Chrome 72.0.3626.121 Android, 9 No
6 2001:1284:f019:3035:707a:18a4:5b55:d764 COPEL Telecom Brazil Parana Curitiba America/Sao_Paulo Chrome 49.0.2623.75 Linux, x86 No
7 2409:4052:2e86:3232:e45a:41d5:8507:f897 Jio India Rajasthan Jaipur Asia/Kolkata Chrome 66.0.3359.158 Android, 7.1.2 No
8 2804:18:401f:fe75:1:0:17e5:60c0 Vivo Brazil Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte America/Sao_Paulo Chrome 71.0.3578.99 Android, 9 No
9 2409:4073:19f:7003::1ec:ad Jio India - - - - - - Asia/Kolkata Chrome 71.0.3578.99 Android, 8.1.0 No
10 2803:d100:e180:a7:11cd:230f:de45:8655 Servicios Innovadores de Comunicación y Entreteni Guatemala Departamento de Guatemala Guatemala City America/Guatemala Chrome 77.0.3865.116 Android, 7.0 No
11 2804:7f2:8180:82fe:7db5:54fb:ba0a:d47 Vivo Brazil Parana Ponta Grossa America/Sao_Paulo Mozilla 4.0 - - - No
12 2a00:23c5:c83b:d900:90fc:3f9b:aeb4:ca53 BT United Kingdom England Yeovil Europe/London Internet Explorer 11 Windows, 7 No
13 2601:40a:c200:7a50:5196:da86:fa08:ec50 Comcast Cable United States Michigan Utica America/Detroit Edge 18.18362 Windows, 10.0 No
14 2607:fb90:7d46:faa5:f2a7:fd0f:376a:289e T-Mobile USA United States Georgia Atlanta America/New_York - - - Android, 9 No
15 2804:d59:1c71:3000:4cca:a4bb:fa75:c21c Oi Internet Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Campo Grande America/Campo_Grande Chrome 77.0.3865.116 Android, 7.0 No
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